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Kent Family Mediation Service networks with and promotes a number of family and community organisations in Kent. We welcome other organisations and agencies who would like to work with us, in order to create a positive impact on the lives of people and families living in Kent.

If you would like to discuss ways of working alongside Kent Family Mediation Service, please get in touch by emailing kfms@kentfms.co.uk

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Sevenoaks Area Mind

Sevenoaks Area Mind is part of National Mind which is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales and the best known charity for mental health. They can help with supporting people who are likely to develop mental health problems and helping them to stay well, helping people with mental health problems make their own decisions about where they live and how they recover and helping them to participate in social things and to be treated equally in society.

Ocean Recovery Centre

Personalised holistic treatment programme relating to stress and dependency disorders. 


Drug Watch

The foundation of a long, happy life is knowing how to take care of your health.  This website will help you to learn about each stage of life, and become a well-informed health consumer to improve your quality of life.

 East Kent Community Drug & Alcohol Service (RAPT)

The East Kent  Drug & Alchohol Service help people who live in East Kent to address their issues with drugs and alcohol.                      

Home-Start is one of the leading family support charities in the UK. Home-Start volunteers help families with young children deal with the challenges they face. They support parents as they learn to cope, improve their confidence and build better lives for their children.  Families struggling with post-natal depression, isolation, physical health problems, bereavement and many other issues receive the support of a volunteer who will spend around two hours a week in a family’s home supporting them in the ways they need.

Home-Starts across the UK also support families in groups, hold day trips and Christmas parties and help access local services, as well as lots of other support.                                              

   Consumer Safety Drug Advice

East Kent Relate

Relate are located in East Kent. They can help with marriage guidance, relationship counselling, sex counselling and teen counselling. 

Young Minds

Young Minds is the UKs leading charity commited to improving the emotional well being and mental health of children and young people.



 Adfam offers support and advice for families affected by drugs and acohol issues.

Domestic Violence

The Freedom Programme deals with male violence towards women and children


Service for women who have been affected by domestic violence and which helps them to regain their freedom and gain back control of their lives.


Useful contact telephone numbers provided by Kent Police that can offer support, information and advice to people living in the community of Kent.

 Advice for Single Parents and Separated Parents 

Gingerbread provides practical support, expert advice and campaigns for single parents.
  One Plus One strengthen relationships by creating resources that help families and frontline workers tackle relationship issues early.
  One Space is a community for single parents with support from experienced parenting facilitators bringing together essential information, interactive learning & friendly forums for peer support. It is a lifeline to many who are parenting alone.

One Space aims to be the first port of call for single parents online – providing professional 1-2-1 advice from a team of experts in areas such as family law; benefits; CSA; money and debt; relationships and separation etc.

One Space is delivered by the Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) with support from the Department for Education.


Practically everything a single Dad needs to know about being a single Dad!
   4us2 are a charity run by parents / carers of disabled children, working to improve the lives of children and young people with all kinds of disabilities across East Kent.
OnlyDads provides support for single fathers in an easily accessible way
Homes for Fathers and Families (“HOFF”) is a project aimed at providing the same degree of support for single fathers as is available for single mothers in the UK
Netmums provides support and advice for single Mums
Single Parent Fun is a source of information, friendship and advice for UK single Mums and Dads
Lone Parents offers advice and tips for learning to survive life as a single parent

SPAN is a uniquely diverse organisation empowering one parent families throughout the UK


Disability Living Allowance  UK Government Sorting Out Separation website contains useful help and information for dealing with separation and relationship breakdown
Happy Steps is the UK's only, research based stepfamily resource centre.  Stepfamilies are now the fastest growing family type in the UK. It's estimated that 1 in 3 of all families are now stepfamilies. Despite this, there is very little help and support available. Happy steps has been designed to gather together a whole range of services to help families and individuals strengthen their stepfamilies and to provide training and tools for organisations and family professionals.
The longest established, best-read, free parenting magazine in the South. ABC Magazine is the FREE local parenting magazine offering practical parenting advice to everyone with young children. From babies to big kids!
Every issue of ABC Magazine is packed full of local information and practical parenting advice to help you find what you need and where to buy it, ideas on what to do and where to go, where to find this and that - all child related and child friendly!

National charity for grandparents who are the main carers in the family, or those who have lost contact with grand children.                             

Family Lives works around the clock, transforming the lives of families, supporting parents and making happier relationships, happier families and a stronger society. Our experience enables us to help families with any problem or challenge that they face. Our trained family support workers, both paid and volunteer, offer all family members immediate and on-going help on the phone, online or in local communities.
The UK's most advanced paternity test
Fast Accredited Results
Cost effective options
Complete care & support
Trusted by thousands
  Getting divorced is widely recognised as one of the most stressful times in your life. You are likely to be offered advice from many sources, and it can become very confusing as to the best options for you and your children. However, if you are equipped with unbiased details, it can enable you to make more informed choices. We hope to help you manage the process and even show you how to have fun after you're divorced.
  You are not alone. Since 1999 we have been an independent organisation of professionals giving divorce advice and help to anyone who asks.
  Dandelion Time is a charitable project for children and young people traumatised by abuse, neglect or having early life attachment difficulties. Children may be displaying emotional distress through aggressive or withdrawn behaviour, their issues having led to conflict at home and withdrawal or exclusion from school.

We provide practical farm-based developmental activities and a therapeutic service to help children overcome past suffering, develop in confidence and self-esteem and discover a new and positive path to follow.

  Counsellors and Psychotherapists in and near Kent
  The CoupleConnection ‘do it yourself’ relationship support service empowers you to work on your relationship for yourself.The site provides a wide range of articles, self-assessment tools, activities, quizzes, exercises and courses to help you to improve and strengthen your relationship.
  Cafcass represents children in family court cases. We make sure that children's voices are heard and decisions are taken in their best interests.
We are independent of the courts, social services, education and health authorities and all similar agencies.

Cafcass stands for Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.
  If you can’t reach agreement with the other parent and make a child maintenance arrangement by yourselves, the Government runs a statutory service that can arrange child maintenance on your behalf.
  Online resource giving advice about welfare benefits, consumer affairs, employment, family & personal, Government Law & Rights, Money & Tax
  School Home Support work with schools, local authorities and other children's settings, we provide personalised support to children and families, tackling the underlying barriers to a successful education to improve the life chances of children
  Parenting Support Centre offering online guidance for parents
  A kidspace is a unique programme that supports children and young people through their parents separation. Sessions comprise of play based and creative therapeutic intervention and provide a ‘safe’ and conditionally confidential space for the child/young person to work through their feelings and express the impact the separation of their family is having on them.
  Marriage Care offer marriage preparation, relationship counselling and specialise in helping couples whether married or not, to build and sustain strong, fulfilling, healthy relationships, and in providing support in times of relationship difficulty.
  Home Start Ashford Chill With Dad Group. This group is useful to Dads/male carers who live in Ashford and want to have some support around parenting and attend organised activities and trips. 

 Kent Childrens Centres 

   Miers Court Childrens Centre is a Sure Start Childrens Centre that is located in Rainham. The centre supports the community by hosting a number of family health education and childern related services.                                                                                                   

Benefits & Advice 



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Family Tax Credits




Child Benefit




Child Support

Pension Credit Toolkit



State Pension



Council Tax Reduction 2013


Housing Benefit

 Disability Living Allowance

Carers Allowance


Income Support


Citizens Advice Bureau Advice Guide
Website that contains information and advice about sexual health

 Kent Home Choice  Kent Housing Options for people living in Kent
Ashford Prime Find A free service that helps individuals and companies find suitable business accommodation.