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Updated 9 June 2020




Following a short period of temporary closure, we are pleased to 

announce that our Service is now open again!


However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and continued 

restrictions, our staff will continue to work from home and our sessions

will still be via video-link (Zoom).    These have been working well and we will send you full instructions if you have not used it before.


If you wish to make a new referral or submit an enquiry, please do so via our website (making a referral is the best option).  Alternatively, you could email us direct at contact@kentfms.co.uk and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, as staff are home working, we do not have the facility for you to ring the office at this time but if you supply us with a phone number in your email, enquiry or referral, we will contact you.




We are currently still booking for court-ordered and private clients.  However, due to the current situation, these need to be conducted via video link (Zoom) and we will speak to you about this, giving instructions to help you.  Please talk to our administrator if you have any concerns.


Please note there has been a delay in us receiving referrals from Cafcass and the Courts. If you are waiting to hear, please do not worry and as soon as we receive a referral for you we will be in touch.


For private, non-courted ordered, clients, we are please to announce that we have secured funding to offer FREE places on the course (normal cost is £98 per person).  Please email kfms@kentfms.co.uk for further details or to book a place.





Kent Family Mediation is the largest and most widely recognised family mediation service in Kent. We can offer  clients, of varying income levels, the option of legally aided mediation or affordable private mediation fees, at a number of locations across the County.


Clients eligible to claim legal aid will receive free family mediation, with the other party also benefiting from a free MIAM and a free first mediation meeting once eligibility is confirmed.


Kent Family Mediation Service is the Kent Provider of the Cafcass and Family Court Ordered and Non-Court Ordered Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) workshops.

If you are thinking about taking an ex-partner or other family member to court, then unless there are exceptional circumstances, you will need to have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) before you can apply to go to court.


Family mediation is a quicker, less costly and much fairer way for separated couples to discuss and reach amicable agreements outside of the court process. We are able to offer a variety of different options for successfully resolving family legal matters. Our qualified family mediators can help to sort out arrangements for the children, what happens to the family home and the best way of dividing up debts, pensions and finances, either before or after a divorce or relationship split.


Find out what some of our past mediation clients have said about Kent Family Mediation Service.

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Family Mediation is the courts preferred way of resolving an argument, or issues that occur after a separation, or the breakdown of a relationship;including sorting out child contact, the custody of a child, child support maintenance and disputes…

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Separated Parents Information Programme

Kent Family Mediation Service are pleased to announce that we have been granted a contract to provide Parenting Information Programmes in Kent on behalf of Cafcass. We hold the SPIP courses in a number of locations in Kent…

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“I wouldn’t change anything, all the service I received was good.”

“I can’t think of any changes I would make to Kent Family Mediation Service – keep up the good work!”

“Michelle, I cannot thank you enough. You and your team have been so kind and efficient. We will remember you in our prayers Michelle. God bless you.”

“May I say that the lady we saw for mediation in Canterbury was really helpful and amazingly calm, PLEASE send her a big thank you for helping us to resolve our differences, we are very grateful to her indeed!”

“Thank you for all your help with our case. The service was excellent especially the service from the admin team”.

“Family Mediator Bernardina is a credit to you”

“Family mediation was very helpful, although a difficult time for ourselves. Many thanks. “

“I would like to thank our Family Mediator for helping us through this process. She showed both support and impartiality to both my husband and myself “

“My Family Mediator was Sarah and I wouldn’t change a thing about our family mediation”

“A first class service from the Kent Family Mediation Service mediators!”