27 Jun

Kent Charity Helps Parents Locked In Conflict over Easter Holidays

As the School Easter holidays approach this week, many parents will have been busy planning to take their children away on holiday, or spend quality time with them, but for many separated parents, the Easter break can be a time of frustration and resentfulness, particularly if they are unable to reach an agreement with the other parent over how much time they are able to spend with their children during the school holidays.


Debbie Hillman from Charity Kent Family Mediation explains that owing to unresolved hostility and over charged emotions it can often be difficult for separated parents to put their differences aside long enough to reach agreement over child contact during school holidays. The penalties that are now imposed for taking children out of school during term time has added to the stress, putting more pressure on parents to reach agreements over how much time they each spend with the children in these often short spaces of time.


Debbie points out that with an 89% success rateFamily Mediation has been proven to work in the majority of cases and that Family Mediation is a far quicker, fairer and much more affordable way for parents to reach agreements over child contact during school holidays. Family Mediators are trained to diffuse hostility and conflict between parents, getting them to focus on reaching an agreement that is in the interests of their children. Patterns of contact can be trialled to ensure that agreements are workable, realistic and meet everyone’s expectations before any final agreement is reached. More importantly, decisions affecting the children are made by both parents and any child related agreements made during family mediation are built with flexibility taking into account a child’s changing needs as they get older.

Legal Aid is still available for Family Mediation, resulting in free mediation for anyone who is eligible to claim Legal Aid, giving a free *MIAM and free first mediation session for the other person in the case. Furthermore, agreements reached during mediation can be made legally binding without parents having the stress or the expense of going to court and a MIAM; *mediation information and assessment meeting is now compulsory before court, enabling people to explore the benefits of family mediation and to see how mediation can help them to resolve their dispute themselves instead of using the courts to resolve matters and make decisions for them.


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