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Preparing For Your First Father’s Day as a Single Dad

Father’s Day on Sunday 17th June, with the odds stacked in favour of the weather continuing to be warm and sunny, it is the perfect excuse for Sons and Daughters all over the UK to spend some quality time outside, enjoying the sunshine with their Dads.


According to a study by Gingerbread, the single parents Charity, there are two million single parents living in the UK; 90% of these are single Mums and only 10% being single Dads. This percentage has more or less stayed the same over the past ten years, with the average age of these single Dads being 45 years old. Further study has shown that single Dads are more than twice as likely to be widowers, than single Mums are.


If this is your first Father’s Day, as a ‘Single Dad’, and your children do not live with you, you may already be wondering what you will be doing, and whether you will you be seeing, or speaking to your child on this special day.


Debbie Hillman from Kent Charity, Kent Mediation Service, says ‘If you find that you are in the position where you have split up with the other parent of your child and communication has broken down with them, or you constantly find yourself getting drawn into an argument with them, then please don’t despair, Family Mediation may be able to help. Family Mediation has been proven to work and can be paid for privately, or it can be free for clients if they have been assessed as being eligible to claim Legal Aid. Sitting down together to talk things through with an impartial, trained Family Mediator can help resolve a number of arguments, including; how much time each parent spends with the children, arranging holidays, schooling, homework and non-payment of child maintenance, through to resolving issues over money, debts, and what will happen to the jointly rented, or owned family home. Agreements reached in Family Mediation can be made legally binding, which does away with the stress, time, and money that it takes to have the matters dealt with in the Family Courts and it gives parents control of decisions that affect their own lives, and those of their children”.


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Communication is the Key to Successful Co-parenting after Separation or Divorce

Building and maintaining effective communication with an ex-partner, husband or wife following a family break up, or Divorce can be extremely difficult, particularly if the separation or circumstances of the break up were contentious. An acrimonious separation or Divorce can leave one or both people, with a wide range of feelings, varying greatly from relief, regret, sadness, anger, disbelief, or disappointment. Over time, these feelings can subside, but they can also manifest into hostility, and bitterness towards the other person. These pent up feelings can be kept ‘hidden’ away in the subconscious mind, but they can often quickly ‘bubble to the surface’ with any direct, or indirect contact with the other person, which can cause anxiety, tension, pent up stress, and this can be the cause of arguments, and result in poor communication with their ex-partner.
Debbie Hillman from Kent Family Mediation explained, “Arguments and poor communication between separated parents can have a negative and detrimental impact on their children. The couple may no longer be in a relationship together, but they will both always be parents to their children, no matter what age the children are. One day they may also be Grandparents, so they will both always have a role in their children’s lives.
Debbie goes on to point out that, “Research has shown that children need and deserve to have, the love, care, and support of both parents. It is therefore essential that separated parents are able to put their differences aside and communicate effectively enough to be able to work together to successfully co-parent their children.”

Family Mediation Services

Family Mediation is the courts preferred way of resolving an argument, or issues that occur after a separation, or the breakdown of a relationship;including sorting out child contact, the custody of a child, child support maintenance and disputes…

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Separated Parents Information Programme

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